Sovereign Grace Singles Newsletter - February 2007

Sovereign Grace Singles Newsletter
February 2007

Dear Dean,

Hey, how about takin' a break for a few and have a look what's goin' on with SGS!

If nothing else, you've GOT to read "A Bit o' Levity", it's a hoot!

Dean and Karen

In this issue...
Another SGS Story - Let's Share in Their Joy! False Assumptions, Part II NEW: SGS Voice Chat & Messenger!!! SGS Pacific Northwest Cruise- October 2007 A Bit 'o Levity!!

False Assumptions, Part II
Purposeful Singlesness

In Part I, we looked at five false assumptions we tend to have regarding marriage and singleness. We stated, "If our expectations for marriage are based on false assumptions, they will become a tyrant in our lives, controlling our emotions, coloring our perspective, and eventually leaving us disillusioned, disappointed, and — worst of all — ineffective in fulfilling God's purposes for us."

NEW: SGS Voice Chat & Messenger!!!
SGS Voice/Cam Chat

For those of you who enjoy Chat and Messenger, here are some Help Pages for each: doc

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SGS Pacific Northwest Cruise- October 2007
SGS Pacific Northwest Cruise- Oct. 2007

Best known for its redwood forests and diverse wildlife, the Pacific Northwest is also home to urban attractions, including state-of-the art museums, quaint boutiques and thriving arts and music scenes. Stroll the seawalk along Campbell River in hopes of spotting a playful seal, savor delicious Pacific Rim seafood in a quaint restaurant or enjoy a heritage walk through towering evergreens. As you journey through the "Great Northwest" aboard Celebrity, encounter wild landscapes and explore new horizons found nowhere else on earth....

The Theme of this SGS Cruise is The Devotions, Disciplines and Delights of the Christian Life. Bill Webster, the speaker for our group, has a colorful past which makes him able to speak practically and sincerely about our walk with Christ in all it's cares and complexity.

Bill Webster is married with 5 grown children. He and his wife live in Battle Ground, Washington. Bill is a former Roman Catholic and is now a committed Evangelical Protestant. He is the pastor of Gra ce Bible Church in Battle Ground, WA.

Bill is also an author with Banner of Truth, a Reformed publishing company headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. Bill is also the Founder/Director of Christian Resources, http://www.Christ, an apologetics, teaching and publishing ministry dealing extensively with issues related to the Reformation, Roman Catholicism, Church History, the Gospel and the Christian Life.

Bill's books include:

Behold Your King - Prophetic Proofs that Jesus is the Messiah

HOLY SCRIPTURE- The Ground and Pillar of Our Faith, Volumes I - III

Mu st Jesus Be Lord To Be Savior

Bill was also at Woodstock, NY in 1969 with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Arlo Guthrie, Joan Baez, Santana, Janis Joplin, Sly & the Family Stone, Grateful Dead, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jefferson Airplane, Joe Cocker, Country Joe and the Fish, The Band, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Johnny Winter and Sha-Na- Na.

Bill was an attendee, not a performer, but he is quite talented on his Martin Guitar!!

A Bit 'o Levity!!
Jail Time Couple

An 80 year old woman was arrested for shop lifting. When she went before the judge he asked her, "What did you steal"

She replied. "A can of peaches."

The judge asked her why she had stolen them and she replied that she was hungry.

The judge then asked her how many peaches were in the can. She replied, "6".

The judge then said, "I will give you 6 days in jail."

Before the judge could actually pronounce the punishment the woman's husband spoke up and asked the judge if he could say something. He said, " What is it "

The husband said "She also stole a can of peas."

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Another SGS Story - Let's Share in Their Joy!
Josh and Nancy's Wedding

Our story begins on a rather normal night in October of 2005. Josh was making his rounds to the usual websites that night; he stopped by (SGS) to check for any messages that might be waiting, but alas there were none that night. Providentially though, Nancy was also on SGS and she...

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