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FAQ 2015

Before contacting us, here are a few FAQ's that might answer your questions:

Q. My image/photo/avatar keeps showing up in the forums in another user's post. Is someone stealing or reusing my image without my permission?

A. This is a purposeful glitch in the forum program this site uses. You are the only one who sees your image on other peoples' posts. Other users see their own images in the other users' posts. The user posts with your images in them are posts that have been created by currently deleted users, and the forum program simply inserts your image as a placeholder while you are browsing the site. No one has taken, used, or stolen your image.

Q. How do I deactivate my profile?

A. Go to your profile, hover over the "Profile" item in the small navigation menu, click on "Edit Profile".

On this page, you will see a second small navigation bar appear. One item on the navigation bar is "Delete Profile". Click this link, and follow any other steps required to deactivate your profile.

Q. I haven't logged on to the site in quite a while. Why can't I log on now, and where is my profile?

A. User profiles that have not been logged in to for more than six months or so are removed from the site. You will need to recreate your profile from scratch by going to the Join Us page and signing up again and creating a new profile.

Q. I've waited hours. Why isn't my new account activated yet?

A. Please don't create a second account! It may take us up two days to activate your new account. Each new user account is reviewed before being authorized. If it takes us more than two days, write to us and let us know the username you signed up with. It is possible that we chose not to activate you because your account appeared to be that of a spammer or that your user activation e-mail didn't get sent to us.