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Lord's Prayer

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There are two different opinions about The Lord’s Prayer. By the first, it’s compulsory to be prayed, by the second, it’s not, as our Lord Jesus “just outlined or blueprinted” a Prayer.

My opinion is close to the first one.

Let’s read some respectable notes on the subject.


By Martin Luther,

... You do not need to convince Him with words, or instruct Him at length; for He knows beforehand better what you need than you do yourselves ... for He will give in such a way that His Name may be Hallowed and His Kingdom and His Will may be advanced and promoted ... See, such Acknowledgment in Prayer is pleasing to GOD, and is the True, Highest and Most Precious Worship which we can render to Him; for thereby the Honor and Gratitude that are due are given to Him. This the others do not do, but they seize and devour all the Gifts of GOD, just as hogs ... an Excellent brief form, how and what we are to pray, that embraces all kinds of wants that are to drive us to Prayer ... it is a very Good practice ... to pray the whole of the Lord's Prayer daily, morning and evening and at table, and also at other times, so that one may present to GOD in it all our needs in general ...

(Commentary on the Sermon on the Mount, p.250-253)


By John Calvin,

...No man will pray Aright, unless his lips and heart shall be directed by the Heavenly Master. For that Purpose He has laid down this Rule, by which we must frame our Prayers, if we desire to have them accounted Lawful and approved by GOD. It was not the Intention of the Son of GOD ... to prescribe the Words which we must use, so as not to leave us at liberty to depart from the Form which He has dictated. His Intention rather was, to guide and restrain our wishes, that they might not go beyond those limits : and hence we infer, that the Rule which He has given us for praying Aright relates not to the Words, but to the things themselves...

(Commentary on a Harmony of the Evangelists Matthew, Mark, and Luke, volume 1, p.316)


By Thomas Scott,

... contains more important Instruction, than can any where else be found in so few words ... No doubt the form has been greatly misused, by unmeaning repetitions, to the exclusion of real Prayer ; and it is often repeated, even by Protestants, with very little Understanding, and not without some degree of superstition. But, perceiving these mistakes, some pious persons have run into the opposite extreme, and have improperly objected to the use of it, and even in a measure have overlooked the Abundant Instruction contained in it ... It may often be proper to use the very Words, but it is not always necessary ...

(The Holy Bible, with Explanatory Notes ... vol.5, Matthew ch. 6)


By Adam Clark,

... it is a Plan for a more extended Devotion ... We do not sufficiently consider the Value of this Prayer, the Respect and attention which it requires, the preference to be given to it, its fulness and Perfection, the frequent use we should make of it, and the Spirit which we should bring with it ... for unless we are Divinely instructed in the manner, and influenced by the Spirit of True Devotion, even the Prayer taught us by Jesus Ciirist may be repeated without Profit to our souls ...  (The New Testament, with a Commentary and Critical Notes, vol.1, p.85)


By William Barclay,

The Lord's Prayer is specifically and definitely stated to be the Disciple's Prayer; and only on the lips of a Disciple has the Prayer its full Meaning. To put it in another way, the Lord's Prayer can only really be prayed when the man who prays it knows what he is saying, and he cannot know that until he has entered into Discipleship.

(The Daily Study Bible, The Gospel of Matthew, vol.1, p.198)


The Lord’s Prayer has been commented quite extensively by many expositors, my humble self inclusive. In short, it’s very needful Intercession for the Body of Christ and all humanity. Therefore, I offer it up every morning, slowly enough to remember everything my GOD revealed me thereby, as well as all persons planned to intercede for at the moment.


(Our Christian Mind Ministry, Q & A book, chapter 57)



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