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Tekton Design


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Tekton definition:

  • a worker in wood, a carpenter, joiner, builder
  • a ship's carpenter or builder
  • any craftsman, or workman
  • the art of poetry, maker of songs
  • a planner, contriver, plotter
  • an author


Audiophile? I am, recently I made a call to Tekton Design and had the opportunity and pleasure to speak with Eric Alexander owner and master speaker designer. I plan to do a review of the products I purchased from Tekton in the near future. But until then, I thought to describe what I perceive as a cultist type following of the company Tekton Design. People that own products which they feel passionately about in the motor industry from classical muscle cars to Harley Davidsons etc etc can relate. After making that long awaited purchase it seems that others want to acknowledge and reinforce an others purchase decision. In excitement they find enjoyment in sharing a mutual experience that is difficult to articulate in words so instead they wave high, give you a giant smile, thumbs up etc whenever passing by. Tekton owners likewise while surfing the internet highways of audio forums can be found in threads of all kinds as well in die hard audiophile review publications, just read in the comments section, they're sharing a mutual enjoyment in audiophile. 


On another note there was something about the owner, Eric, always made the time for me if I had a question or comment to share. Not only I but others too. This is a recurring comment by Tekton owners on numerous sites in which I observed, Eric always took the time for them. This quality I think interesting and uncommon enough to write about. When I exchanged my simple email address to Eric he commented and explained to me the name he holds dear in his heart. Eric then continued to entice me to open a concordance for the meaning of Tekton. By all means look up the Greek word definition in your biblical concordances. From the simple order form on Tekton's website to invoicing, order status, and technical questions directed towards informed staff such as Karma (who was friendly and delightful to speak with) adds to the Tekton experience. 


Sometime in December I'll revisit this pre-review of the company and post a link to my on-site blog page on this forum which will include pictures and a brief review of Tekton products. I'm not bothering with technical information nor attempt to explain my subjective listening experience.  Plenty of information on those subjects is readily available on the net. To me, it's like trying to describe why I chose light gray over the other multitude of color options available for Tekton products. I just plan to share some pictures etc of my finished entertainment room, and in Social Media like fashion give other Tekton and product owners a thumbs up. Until then, if you favor Christian business ethics and like audiophile equipment, that is, you like experiencing lifelikeness from your entertainment system in movies as if you're right there in the scene or hearing your favorite artist singing before you on a realistic sound stage I invite you to research the company and products of Tekton Design.


God bless,


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