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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All! I am a Brand New Member here and I must say WELL DONE WILLIAM!!! William is a former webmaster to a website I own and I asked him if I could post this here. Well, the website is www.SovereignGraceSingles.com and it was begun in 2004 and launched January of 2005. Please check it out if you know of any Reformed "singles" who might be interested! If you want to learn more about it, it was featured in Christianity Today (and attached) and Christian Renewal (attached) and other places online.: Here are a few Testimonials!: Looking for a Reformed Friendship or a Godly spouse? American Vision and Tolle Lege Press recommend SovereignGraceSingles.com. If you are reformed and single (but would like quality Reformed friends or to get married), we have found the perfect website for you. SovereignGraceSingles.com is a website for Reformed singles to meet and start God-honoring relationships. Unlike other "Christian" dating websites, Sovereign Grace Singles is a truly Reformed and Christian website, started and run by Reformed believers. Pastors and parents are welcome on the site, too! Go to Sovereign Grace Singles to create a free account and start browsing the profiles of other Reformed singles on the site. Quick facts about Sovereign Grace Singles: Started in 2005 Over 900 current members (as of 2006) Responsible for dozens of marriages Created and run by Reformed Christians What Reformed Pastors say about Sovereign Grace Singles: Dean L. Scott, in Tacoma, Wash., started SovereignGraceSingles.com (SGS) January 2005. The purpose of SGS is to give an opportunity for single men and women committed to the Reformed faith from around the world to meet other Christians of like mind and persuasion. SGS professes itself to be in contrast to other Christian singles sites where emphasis is placed more on personality profiles than a personal walk with Christ. Share this site with your single Reformed friends: www.sovereigngracesingles.com. ~ Dominic Aquila, Editor, PCA Newsletter/The Aquila Report Thank you for all your work on this website. You have done some very good work to put SGS together. I have given thanks to God for its establishment and will continue to pray that the Lord uses it and to let others know of its existence. Sincerely in Christ, ~ Boyd - OPC Pastor Sovereign Grace Singles is the best place I know, on the internet, for Reformed minded Christian singles to meet. ~ Pastor Arnold Brevick- PCA Four of my six children found Christian spouses via Sovereign Grace Singles. Along with proper supervision in a true courtship, this can be a very useful tool for people to meet Christian mates, and is a far superior method to the modern dating system. ~ John Ashwood, Pastor of Sovereign Grace Church of Muskogee, OK What has the Media said about SGS? Christianity Today's Interview with SGS' Founder, Dean Scott Restless, Reformed, and Single.docx An Internet Connection for Reformed Single1.docx
  2. HELLO CHRISTFORUM MEMBERS! SOVEREIGN GRACE SINGLES Are you Reformed? Single? Looking for a serious relationship with someone who is like-minded in their faith? We would like to invite you to join Sovereign Grace Singles! We're the only dating service that holds fast to the Doctrines of Grace. Our aim and focus is to bring members together for relationships and marriage. Ages 18-99 are encouraged to join. Check out our awesome membership plans. We even have a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL to search and view member profiles! Register and create an account today at https://www.sovereigngracesingles.com/! Who knows? You may find your soulmate! SGS FALL FELLOWSHIP 2019 A reformed singles meet-up is being planned this fall in central Indiana. The event is being sponsored by Sovereign Grace Singles. If you're interested in attending and would like to give feedback on dates, activities, etc, we have a Facebook event page set up for the purpose. Come participate in our polls! There may even be an English Country Dance (think Pride & Prejudice)! https://www.facebook.com/events/2404043456502595/ Blessings, The Sovereign Grace Singles Team
  3. Dean Scott

    SGS Testimony: Ric and Giselle

    Hello, SGSers! Our friend Dean, owner of SGS, asked us to write a testimonial for the new site! SGS was a real blessing to my wife and me, so we are happy to share a little about us and offer up words that will, hopefully, encourage others! For brevity’s sake, here’s a quick overview of how we met. In the June/July 2014 timeframe, she caught my eye with both her active forum posting and how she rightly handled Scripture in her posts. On August 3, 2014, I messaged her, using a quote from one of her recent posts to open the door. And then I waited…and waited. Two long days later, she responded. Both Giselle and I had been previously married, and both of us had children. Our initial messages revolved around our divorce and family, though we were guarded in what we shared. On top of that, my family lived in Alabama, while hers was in the Dominican Republic. Thus, we simply messaged one another, then moved to personal emails, then WhatsApp, and finally, Skype. On December 31, 2014, we met in person in North Carolina at her sister’s house. While it was an amazing time together, we already felt as if we had known one another for a long time, given all the time we had already spent talking. The Lord truly blessed our time together, and we began courting on January 12, 2015. We were able to meet in person three more times, including one extended period where our children spent a lot of time interacting with one another. Blended families have multiple challenges, so this time gave us all greater insight into how we as a family would function. Throughout it all, the Lord continued to bless us richly. Finally, on 22 December 2015, we were married! Now, over four years later, we continue to receive such amazing blessings from the Lord! While we are not perfect, God’s grace has continued to work mightily in our lives! He has blessed Giselle with a wonderful husband (just kidding, my love!). He has blessed my daughters with a God-fearing and God-honoring wife and mother to model for and love upon them. He has blessed Giselle’s daughter and son with a stepfather who attempts to model Christ to them. And He has blessed me with a woman I am very thankful for. Sorry everyone--many women have done excellently, but my wife surpasses them all. In Love, Ric and Giselle Crooks
  4. I am sure that all of the one of you who read this blog are asking yourself, "Do we really need to keep God at the center of our celebration of any holiday?" Well, here is a holiday that will allow us to explore that in a bit more detail. "Valentine's Day" (February 14th), or otherwise known as, "Saint Valentine's Day". This holiday, it should be noted, started as yet another Feast Day. Though, this is a rare occurrence where more than one person was celebrated on the day in question. There were possibly two or three different individuals that were remembered on this day. This is also a rare occurrence that all of the individuals celebrated on this day were neither born nor died on this day. However, there is very little historical record to rely on to know specifically who is being remembered. Regardless, the day eventually became what we know it as today. An arguably more secular holiday where we celebrate romantic love. The origin of which really dates back to Geoffrey Chaucer in the "High Middle Ages". Though, it is also important to mention a legend that involves at least one of the Saint Valentines the day was set aside for, where during the 3rd or 4th century AD the Roman Emperor, Claudius II, had decreed that none of the young soldiers in his army were permitted to marry under the belief that they made better soldiers than their married counterparts. Saint Valentine took it upon himself to secretly perform wedding ceremonies for those young soldiers who wished to be married. The Emperor eventually found out, of course, and had Saint Valentine thrown in prison. But should we as Christians celebrate a holiday that has become much more secular than spiritual? Well, that depends. Are we able to bring God back into the holiday in a way where, even though we have couples celebrating their love for each other, we can still bring the glory back to Him? Of course it is quite possible. It simply depends on where your focus is when you are celebrating. It is important to note, however, that what is being celebrated is romantic love, which, biblically, should only be reserved for married couples. Otherwise you are venturing into a perversion of this kind of affection. Also, even though it may seem innocent enough, should children really be participating in the celebration of this holiday? What this really raises the issue of is dating and whether or not it is biblically appropriate. Of course in today's society it is perfectly acceptable, even for children as young as ten years of age, to have a girlfriend or boyfriend. But was this something that was intended by God, and as Christians should we be endorsing it, even when considering something as seemingly benign as the celebration of a holiday? There is, arguably, no biblical support for dating, though many Christians do participate in it and in its more formal counterpart, courting. This all really comes down to personal preference, but should we really do anything if there is no biblical support for it? Personally, I see no reason to allow a child, even in their teens, to participate if, as a parent, you are not going to allow them to date since it would only incite confusion. Coming back to the main point, there is certainly nothing in the bible that speaks against celebrating the love between two people whom God has brought together and joined in holy matrimony, as long as we keep that in mind in our celebration and give God the deserved glory.
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