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Found 4 results

  1. HELLO CHRISTFORUM MEMBERS! SOVEREIGN GRACE SINGLES Are you Reformed? Single? Looking for a serious relationship with someone who is like-minded in their faith? We would like to invite you to join Sovereign Grace Singles! We're the only dating service that holds fast to the Doctrines of Grace. Our aim and focus is to bring members together for relationships and marriage. Ages 18-99 are encouraged to join. Check out our awesome membership plans. We even have a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL to search and view member profiles! Register and create an account today at https://www.sovereigngracesingles.com/! Who knows? You may find your soulmate! SGS FALL FELLOWSHIP 2019 A reformed singles meet-up is being planned this fall in central Indiana. The event is being sponsored by Sovereign Grace Singles. If you're interested in attending and would like to give feedback on dates, activities, etc, we have a Facebook event page set up for the purpose. Come participate in our polls! There may even be an English Country Dance (think Pride & Prejudice)! https://www.facebook.com/events/2404043456502595/ Blessings, The Sovereign Grace Singles Team
  2. I would like to hear peoples' thoughts on the right thing to do in my situation. Three years ago I fell in love with a non-believer and got pregnant with him. We are not married. He is not someone I considered marrying because we did not share our faith and because of some other differences. He is however a good person and doesn't participate in any 'un-Christian' activities. Because he is not a Christian I decided to leave him, and we would share custody of our child. It was quite clear that my daughter was suffering due to being separated from her parents, and so it had to be that we spent time together for the sake of our daughter. I will not let my own daughter suffer the consequences of my mistakes. Because of this though, we always end up being drawn back together. The Bible is clear that we should not marry unbelievers. The trouble is, that I cannot find a way to make it work by separating with my partner. At this point I need to decide on whether or not I should separate from him and continue to co-parent, while allowing my daughter to suffer, or marry him. Any helpful thoughts or comments are appreciated, particularly if you have married a non-Christian yourself.
  3. Dean Scott

    SGS Testimony: Ric and Giselle

    Hello, SGSers! Our friend Dean, owner of SGS, asked us to write a testimonial for the new site! SGS was a real blessing to my wife and me, so we are happy to share a little about us and offer up words that will, hopefully, encourage others! For brevity’s sake, here’s a quick overview of how we met. In the June/July 2014 timeframe, she caught my eye with both her active forum posting and how she rightly handled Scripture in her posts. On August 3, 2014, I messaged her, using a quote from one of her recent posts to open the door. And then I waited…and waited. Two long days later, she responded. Both Giselle and I had been previously married, and both of us had children. Our initial messages revolved around our divorce and family, though we were guarded in what we shared. On top of that, my family lived in Alabama, while hers was in the Dominican Republic. Thus, we simply messaged one another, then moved to personal emails, then WhatsApp, and finally, Skype. On December 31, 2014, we met in person in North Carolina at her sister’s house. While it was an amazing time together, we already felt as if we had known one another for a long time, given all the time we had already spent talking. The Lord truly blessed our time together, and we began courting on January 12, 2015. We were able to meet in person three more times, including one extended period where our children spent a lot of time interacting with one another. Blended families have multiple challenges, so this time gave us all greater insight into how we as a family would function. Throughout it all, the Lord continued to bless us richly. Finally, on 22 December 2015, we were married! Now, over four years later, we continue to receive such amazing blessings from the Lord! While we are not perfect, God’s grace has continued to work mightily in our lives! He has blessed Giselle with a wonderful husband (just kidding, my love!). He has blessed my daughters with a God-fearing and God-honoring wife and mother to model for and love upon them. He has blessed Giselle’s daughter and son with a stepfather who attempts to model Christ to them. And He has blessed me with a woman I am very thankful for. Sorry everyone--many women have done excellently, but my wife surpasses them all. In Love, Ric and Giselle Crooks
  4. One can go to a hundred different dating sites to find “The One” but Sovereign Grace Singles has facilitated one unique story. The story of Becky and Kenny that sparks comments such as, “That’s just crazy!” or, “Are you serious!?” On June 13th, 2019 Kenny from Maryland came across a Facebook post that referenced SGS. Being a single reformed Presbyterian with no prospects in his local community, he was intrigued that a reformed dating site existed. After creating an account and spending a whopping 30 min browsing the site, someone messaged him in the chatroom, “Hi, where’s your picture?” Becky from California just so happened to walk into her room where her kids were playing on the computer and noticed that a profile was up on her screen with the chat box ready for dialog. Thinking her children were browsing for “a new Husband,” as they would say, she gave a quick glance at Kenny’s profile without a picture and decided to reach out and make conversation. Unbeknown to Becky that Kenny was only on the site for about 30 min, asked, “Hi, where’s your picture?” Kenny responded with, “It’s being approved; I am new here.” Becky said, “Send me one in the chat.” Kenny submitted a picture, and Becky offered her number. He was skeptical of the speed in which she offered her number, having spent 7 years and thousands of dollars on other dating sites without someone offering their number that quick, decided that it must be a scam. She asked to talk on the phone, but Kenny, still being skeptical thinking that this is too good to be true, responded by saying, “Perhaps another time.” On June 14th, the following day, Kenny reached out and called Becky. They had their first phone conversation of 4.5 hours. The second day the same – another 4.5 hour phone call. Kenny knew this was much different than any other conversation he has had and thought this must be The One. They were completely aligned on every issue and met and exceeded each others expectations for what they were looking for in a mate. After only two weeks of talking and never having met, decided to start talking marriage. Kenny had a ring picked out at the end of the week, and Becky bought a wedding dress. By week three it was settled that they both wanted to marry each other but didn’t have a date set or an official proposal. Due to life events Kenny and Becky had to wait about six weeks from first talking until they finally met in person. During the 45 days they talked everyday no less than 4 hours and up to 9 hours. Kenny flew out to California to meet Becky for the first time and proposed that week. They set a date of October 14th 2019 for the wedding, exactly 4 months after starting communication and having only met 3 times (including the wedding). God used SGS to connect us and we thank them for facilitating God’s plan for our life!
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